The Board would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote on our proposal to change the name our organization from Respiratory Nursing Society (RNS) to Respiratory Nursing Society and Interprofessional Collaborative (RNSIC). Our organization was created over 25 years ago by nurses who had a particular love for the care of patients with respiratory issues and this organization continues the mission of better care for those patients as well as professional growth for those caring for them. We recognize that while this started as a nursing organization, it takes a team to care for these patients and are happy to announce that the membership has approved the name change. We have begun the process of implementing this name change and you will see changes over the next few months, most notably a new logo that will incorporate the new name but also includes some elements of our old logos.
We appreciate all of our members and invite you to consider taking a more active role in the organization. There are spots open to be part of our social media presence, to assist with conference planning, creation of our newsletter, and leadership positions. This is a great way to grow professionally and to help us continuously grow and improve.
Thanks for being members of the RNSIC!
Board of Directors RNSIC