About Us

The Respiratory Nursing Society (RNS) is the professional association for healthcare providers interested in respiratory health and quality care for those with respiratory disorders. RNS provides an opportunity for those in a variety of practice settings to develop a strong respiratory knowledge base and skills important for quality respiratory healthcare.
To accomplish this RNS:
  • provides educational opportunities that teach nurses and other health care providers respiratory concepts that promote positive individualized outcomes,
  • supports the standards of care for quality respiratory nursing practice developed by the Society,
  • promotes and disseminates research, and
  • serves as a formal network for communications in the field of respiratory nursing

The purpose of the Respiratory Nursing Society

The Respiratory Nursing Society (RNS) began as a specialty nursing organization in 1990 for the dual purpose of:

  • Promoting the practice of respiratory nursing through professional development of its members, and
  • Promoting safe and effective respiratory health care for society, including activities related to health promotion, disease prevention, and care through all phases of illness and across all age spans and cultures.

Enhance your professional development

Whether you work in an office, hospital, clinic, school, or research setting, RNS can help you improve your practice with these benefits of membership:

  • Communication and interaction with peers.
  • Networking with colleagues.
  • The opportunity to make a difference in the future of respiratory nursing.
  • Involvement in the growth of the specialty.
  • Active committee participation