Membership Information
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Nurse Membership
Nurse membership is open to all registered professional nurses interested in respiratory nursing care. Nurse members may vote and hold office. Dues are $75 a year.
Associate Membership/ Healthcare professionals
Associate membership is open to individuals other than registered nurses who are concerned with or engaged in the practice of respiratory care. Associate members may vote and hold office. Dues are $75 per year.
Student Membership
Student membership is open to students enrolled full time in an undergraduate program in nursing or a related field. Student members may not vote or hold office. Dues are $25 per year.
Retired Membership
Retired Membership is open to individuals who are retired from the practice of nursing or who do not hold an active license. Retired members may vote and hold office. Dues are $50 per year.
Corporate Membership 
Industries that wish to financially support the purpose and goals of RNS. Benefits include one complimentary conference registration, a corporate member plaque, listing in the Perspectives in Respiratory Nursing, recognition at the annual conference, and member rate on RNS products and programs for a designated representative. Dues are $1500 per year.
Chapter Membership
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